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We have made it our task to increase quality, efficiency and profitability in the processing of plastics and rubber by offering customized components at the price of standard solutions. We achieve all this by utilizing many years of experience, our own processes and manufacturing methods, direct contact between engineers, and a modular system that has stood the test of time.

We see ourselves as partners to customers whose requirements are wide open except for a specified end product. At the same time, we are also partners to engineering companies that require production based on a specified drawing. We are facilitators in either process – and every step in between.

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Highly wear-resistant screws will not just extend the service life of your plant. They will also improve the quality of your products.


Reifenhäuser top-quality alloys for bimetallic barrels ensure optimum protection from wear and corrosion in production.

Single-screw extruders

Reifenhäuser single-screw extruders meet the majority of product requirements – they are customized and efficient. But they are also highly flexible as they cover a broad range of applications and raw materials. At the same time, they are always custom-designed to meet special product requirements. And our modular extruder design makes customization extremely cost-efficient.

Co-rotating twin-screw extruders

The main applications of our co-rotating twin-screw extruders in our Reitruder series are the highly energy-efficient and productive direct extrusion of PET ground stock or the inline compounding of polyolefines with mineral fillers. Their modular design permits us to react flexibly to a variety of production requirements.

High-speed extruders

Our high-speed extruders for processing PS, PP, and LD-PE are extremely compact. The high screw speeds achieve much higher plasticizing capacity compared to conventional extruders. At the same time, they have a significantly reduced footprint.

Refeeding extruders

Refeeding extruders increase efficiency and sustainability in production by the returning film or nonwoven edge trim directly back to the production process. When a refeeding extruder is used, the quality of the end product can be increased compared to a refeeding of fluff or a regranulation process, since it eleminates the milling dust or additional thermal stress.

Reicofeed FG

The Reicofeed FG is the right solution for the production of multilayer products made of similar raw materials. High reliability combined with an easy handling characterize this coextrusion feedblock.

Reicofeed VG

The Reicofeed VG is the right solution for the cost efficient production of varying multilayer products on one extrusion line. The possibility of adjusting the layer distribution without stopping the extrusion line saves time and valuable raw material. For an easy and fast reproducibility of the individual adjustments index pins show the exact position of the segmented sliding blocks.

Reicofeed Pro

The Reicofeed Pro is the best solution for the production of rheological challenging multilayer structures with high requirements on the quality of
the individual layer distribution, e.g. as needed for films and sheets with barrier functions. The patented system with adjustable segmented profilers save time and valuable raw materials since each layer including the middle layer can be adjusted without a stop of the extrusion line. For an easy and fast reproducibility of the individual adjustments index pins show the exact position of the segmented profilers.

Reicofeed Pro IE

The Reicofeed Pro IE is the perfect solution for the extrusion of rheological challenging multilayer barrier sheets with high requirements on the quality of the individual layer distribution in combination with optimized production costs. The patented Reicofeed Pro was therefore extended to include an internal edge encapsulation device. This does away with the need for an additional edge encapsulation extruders and the appropriate device on the flat die. This saves space and energy, and simplifies operation of the entire extrusion line.

Flat dies for cast film

Flat dies for the production of monolayer and multilayer cast films. Fine profile control by manual or automatic flex lip adjustment. Perfect film quality due to optimized external or internal deckling systems for a minimum distance between the die gap and the casting roll. Reduced raw material costs by internal edge encapsulation.

Flat dies for thermoforming sheet

Flat dies for the production of thermoforming sheets with thickness range from 0.1 to 6 mm. High product quality by combining a restrictor bar with a manual or automatic die lip adjustment. Fast product change overs realized by centrally adjustable die gap opening and/or width adjustment. High product flexibility due to removable die lips and lip inserts.

Flat dies for coating

Flat dies for use in extrusion coating. Accurate profile control by automatic flex lip adjustment. Fast cleaning thanks to die splitter. Fast and precise adjustment of the product width due to combined external and internal deckling. Reduced edge trim by separately adjustable deckling swords.

Flat dies for sheet

Flat dies for the production of thick and/or foamed sheets. Wide die gap opening range realized by removable and sliding lower and upper die lips. Easy product thickness control due to a 90° restrictor bar.

Flat dies for tapes

Flat dies for the production of tapes. Versatile design due to replaceable lip inserts which are smooth on one side and optional grooved on the other side. Designs with manual or automatic flex lip adjustments available.

Flat dies for biaxial film

Single- or multi-manifold dies for the production of biaxial oriented films. Precise thickness control due to a heat-insulated automatic system. Long up time due to a individually designed outlet zone of the die regarding material and shape. Outstanding end product quality as result of plane-parallel and flat surfaces at the die lip outlet area. Available in a variety of designs for BOPP, BOPET, and BOPA.

MB Smart spinning beam

Robust, efficient, and customized for you: Our MB Smart spinning beam optimizes the process in your meltblown or composite line. Totally independent of the manufacturer you selected for your production line.


Our precise knowledge of materials and our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes help us to produce the right die to meet any requirement. As we know that boreholes are the key factor, we subject them to continuous inspection – backed by modern computer technology and our experienced employees. With an expert eye for the essential, they make a decisive difference.

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