As thin as necessary, as functional as possible: Reicofeed Pro with layer thickness optimization

Replacing multilayer film by monomaterials with no loss of quality saves costs. With the Recofeed Pro coextrusion system from Reifenhäuser, lines adjust the functional layers of multilayer film to the exact thickness required without any loss of barrier properties. Not only does this lower raw material costs significantly, it also ensures full reusability.

Cost savings and recyclability with no loss of quality

The feedblock can adjust and optimize up to eleven layers with no line stops needed to change product. Optimization occurs in ongoing production to ensure high process accuracy. The system corrects each single layer inline if a profile deviates. With the ‘Digital Layer Control System’ upgrade, the process is even fully automated – to minimize reset times and maximize service life – with no loss of quality:

Saving recipes and process settings guarantees constant high film quality, despite frequent product changes. The advantages are obvious, as Johannes P. Müller, CEO of Cast Sheet Coating, explains: “Material costs make up 80 percent of total costs anyway so our solution can achieve annual savings in the mid six-digit range. By contrast, when monomaterials are used, this percentage drops below the five-percent mark – which means we even go beyond the legal requirements for recycling.”

Modular and cost-effective: The Value:Line concept from Reifenhäuser

Reifenhäuser bases its concept as before on modular expandable lines. Johannes P. Müller: “Our reliable Value:Line lines (previously Smartline) are available in the entry-level price range. They stand for quality right from the start and are expandable to cater for customer requirements. Additional functions are simply retrofitted.”

Reifenhäuser has thought up something very special to present the Reicofeed Pro at K 2019: a 4.5-meter high animated holographic projection that shows otherwise invisible details and demonstrates them in an informative and entertaining way.

Experience Reicofeed Pro live at K 2019

Come to our booth and see the opportunities that Reicofeed Pro provides on our booth. In Düsseldorf, Hall 17, Booth C22. On October 16 to 23.

Do you want to know more? At our Open House in Troisdorf on October 17, 21, and 22 , 2019, you can experience our eight digitally controlled lines live at our Technology Center.