Fully automatic and sustainable: Save materials and energy with REIcofeed-PRO from Reifenhäuser

In terms of money spent on the production of multi-layer films, raw material costs take pride of place with 80 percent. This is not by chance. As a barrier, the various layers undertake important protection duties, for example for pharmaceutical and medical products or food packaging. However, these functional layers could be thinner and yet fully sufficient in order to provide a layer structure with optimal protection.

Reduce – layer thicknesses during production

Every saving in terms of film thickness helps to reduce fossil energy, raw materials, and costs. Of course, the focus remains on functionality, which must always be retained in spite of the reduced use of materials. Over the past few years, the team at Cast Sheet Coating has constantly worked on improving the cast film and sheet extrusion line technology, so that optimum tolerances in multi-layer films can also be measured on the fly.

“Our patented REIcofeed-PRO achieves this even for high-tech products. Single-layer thicknesses can be set across the width in the feedblock – even during ongoing production. As a result, line stops for product changes become unneccesary which means that we maximze the machine run time,” explained Johannes P. Müller, Managing Director of Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating.

Closed loop with digital profiling system

Through the integration of innovative measuring systems, the line itself can continuously and reproducibly measure the thickness of the functional layers during production. Deviations from the target value are detected in real time and trigger an immediate modification of the parameters, which the REIcofeed feedblock then implements without delay. The line is in a closed loop, optimizing itself.

“Automation means that the know-how is located in the machine, removing the burden from the operator,” explained Johannes P. Müller. “In concrete terms, this smart solution enables us to make the individual layers one or two micrometers thinner, thus optimizing cost efficiency. As a result raw material costs in the mid-six-figure range can be saved each year.” The aim is to get below the 5-percent barrier for mono-materials. “At that point, multi-layer film produced using REIcofeed-PRO in a closed loop would be fully recyclable,” declared Cast Sheet Coating’s managing director.

Get to know Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating

Find out more about savings potential with the patented REIcofeed-PRO  system. Our team would be happy to talk things through with you in person at K 2019 in Düsseldorf from October 16 to 23. Meet us in hall 17, C22.


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