One Step Ahead: Sustainable Plastic Solutions from Reifenhäuser

Sustainability, recycling, Circular Economy – these are the challenges that the plastics industry is facing. But Reifenhäuser is already one step ahead – at K 2019, it presents definitive and innovative solutions. Reduced material consumption, resource-preserving processes, machines that produce waste-free, or innovative solutions for recycling plastic waste – sustainability is part of the equation from the very start and it is fully integrated in our corporate strategy.

Sustainable and innovative ready-to-use solutions

CSO Ulrich Reifenhäuser is fully aware of the responsibility: “From now on, the distinguishing feature of Reifenhäuser technologies will be their sustainability. Our strategic approach is ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace’.” All the technologies exhibited at K 2019 are based on these four principles. On our booth, visitors will find 15 application examples from all business units, together with product samples and explanations. For example, one exhibit is a fully recyclable ALL-PE laminate for the production of stand-up pouches. Our proven film stretching system, the EVO Ultra Stretch from Reifenhäuser, produces high-quality packaging material that eliminates PET content completely.

“Plastics are a part and parcel of recycling. Reifenhäuser offers solutions for a functioning Circular Economy to ensure that outstanding products with excellent properties are recyclable. Our branch of industry is called upon to incorporate plastics into the Circular Economy. We bear co-responsibility to establish collection systems, recycle plastic waste, and minimize production waste,“ adds Ulrich Reifehäuser.

R-Cycle: Marking for the entire life cycle

Here, Reifenhäuser makes another ground-breaking contribution: It will present R-Cycle, its concept for a closed-loop cycle. Film material is marked so that it remains traceable throughout its entire life cycle – one of the preconditions for recycling. “This proves that Reifenhäuser is pushing the Circular Economy forward by thinking out of the box and transforming the previously separate worlds of manufacturers – commerce – recycling into a unified approach,” says Ulrich Reifenhäuser.

Definitive solution at K 2019 and at the Open House in Troisdorf

Visionary concepts as definitive solutions: Come to our booth and see our innovative technology highlights. In Düsseldorf, Hall 17, Booth C22. On October 16 to 23.

Do you want to know more? At our Open House in Troisdorf on October 17, 21, and 22 , 2019, you can experience our seven digitally controlled lines at our Technology Center.