World debut: Measure and optimize film flatness with Reifenhäuser EVO Ultra Flat

The flatness properties of blown film play a crucial part in its processing performance. Things become particularly difficult if a film – made from polyethylene, for example – is meant to be fused with another substrate. In conventional manufacturing processes, typical sagging and flatness defects can be expected as a result of the necessary lamination.

Plane films – better secondary processing

This is where the EVO Ultra Flat haul-off, available since 2016, provides a remedy. The haul-off system enables the manufacture of significantly flatter films, as the film is stretched and smoothed when its residual heat is still above 50°C. This produces outstanding, energy-efficient flatness results that make secondary processing easier. Flatter films achieve higher finishing speeds, require less adhesive in the lamination process, and reduce the edge trimming through improved curvature. The resources saved not only increase economic efficiency, but also contribute to sustainability.

Automatically optimized production parameters through laser measurement system

EVO Ultra Flat improves the flatness of laminating and barrier films by up to 40 percent and reduces sagging by up to 90 percent. How does Reifenhäuser know that? Because the film’s performance can now at last be measured by a new laser measuring system. The measuring unit precisely records the topography of the fine film web in order to then set the optimum production parameters. “Until now, each film manufacturer had to rely on the experience and precision of its own production technicians. By developing the laser measurement system, we can offer our customers more process reliability regardless of the operator. The optimization to pre-set parameters happens automatically in a closed control loop,” explained Eugen Friedel, Sales Director at Reifenhäuser Blown Film.

The film topography that is fine-tuned with laser accuracy represents a new quality level: you can always rely on blown film with the Ultra Flat label. “Manufacturers can gain a decisive competitive edge as a result,” added Eugen Friedel.

Visit us at K 2019 or at our in-house fair in Troisdorf

From October 16 to 23, we will be demonstrating how the Ultra Flat flatness measuring system functions with a closed control loop at the K trade fair in Düsseldorf: Hall 17, stand C22. You can experience our extrusion line technology close up during our in-house fair in the Reifenhäuser technology center, Troisdorf, on October 17, 21, and 22.


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